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How to Challenge a Play in Madden 17: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Challenge a Play in Madden 17: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you an avid Madden 17 player looking to enhance your gameplay experience? One crucial skill to master is the art of challenging a play. Whether you want to overturn a questionable call or ensure that the right decision is made, knowing how to challenge effectively can make a significant difference in your game. In this blog article, we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive guide on how to challenge a play in Madden 17, giving you the tools to maximize your success on the virtual field.

Section 1: Understanding the Challenge System

When playing Madden 17, it's important to understand the challenge system and how it works. The challenge system allows players to question the referees' decisions and potentially overturn them. By familiarizing yourself with the rules and mechanics of the challenge system, you can make more informed decisions during crucial moments of the game.

1.1 The Purpose of Challenging

The main purpose of challenging a play is to ensure that the correct call is made. Referees are human and can occasionally make mistakes, and challenging a play allows you to question those decisions. By successfully challenging a play, you can potentially reverse a call that would have otherwise negatively impacted your game.

1.2 When Can You Challenge?

Not every play in Madden 17 is eligible for a challenge. There are specific situations where you can challenge a play, such as questionable catches, potential fumbles, or close calls near the sidelines. Understanding the scenarios in which you can challenge will help you determine when it's worth using your limited challenges.

1.3 The Challenge Limit

In Madden 17, you have a limited number of challenges per game. Typically, you start with two challenges, and if you win both, you receive an additional challenge. However, it's crucial to use your challenges wisely since unsuccessful challenges result in the loss of a timeout. Knowing how many challenges you have and managing them effectively can greatly impact your ability to challenge plays throughout the game.

Section 2: Identifying Challengeworthy Plays

Not every play is worth challenging, and knowing which ones to dispute can save you valuable time and resources. Being able to identify challengeworthy plays is a skill that can greatly impact your success in Madden 17. By understanding the types of plays that are typically worth challenging, you can increase your chances of turning the tide in your favor.

2.1 Close Calls

Close calls, such as a receiver's foot on the sideline or a potential touchdown, are often worth challenging. These plays can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game, so it's crucial to scrutinize them closely. Paying attention to the positioning of players and the ball can help you determine if it's worth challenging a close call.

2.2 Potential Fumbles

Fumbles can be game-changers, and it's important to challenge them when there's a possibility that the call on the field may be incorrect. Pay attention to the ball carrier's movements, the contact made by defenders, and any potential recoveries by either team. If you suspect that the call was wrong, challenging a potential fumble can give you a better chance of having the call overturned.

2.3 Questionable Catches

Catches that appear to be incomplete or where there is uncertainty about whether the receiver had possession of the ball are often worth challenging. Look for factors such as the receiver's control of the ball, both feet touching the ground, and the ball not hitting the ground during the catch process. By challenging questionable catches, you can potentially change the outcome of the play.

Section 3: Gathering Evidence

Successfully challenging a play in Madden 17 requires gathering sufficient evidence to support your claim. Without proper evidence, your challenge is unlikely to be successful. Learning how to gather evidence effectively can greatly improve your chances of overturning a call.

3.1 Reviewing Replays

One of the most effective ways to gather evidence is by reviewing replays. Madden 17 offers different camera angles to help you assess the play from various perspectives. Utilize these camera angles to your advantage and carefully analyze the footage to determine if the call on the field was correct or not.

3.2 Utilizing Pause Options

During gameplay, you have the ability to pause the game and access various options, including replay footage. Pausing the game at the right moment can allow you to review a play in more detail and gather the necessary evidence before deciding whether to challenge. Use this feature strategically to give yourself ample time to analyze the play properly.

3.3 Consulting the Rulebook

In Madden 17, there are specific rules that govern different aspects of gameplay. Familiarizing yourself with these rules can help you gather evidence more effectively. If you're unsure about a particular call, consult the rulebook to see if the evidence supports your claim. Understanding the rules can give you a better understanding of what constitutes a challengeable play.

Section 4: Initiating the Challenge

Once you have identified a challengeworthy play and gathered the necessary evidence, it's time to initiate the challenge. Understanding the process of challenging a play in Madden 17 is crucial to ensure that you navigate the system effectively and increase your chances of success.

4.1 Accessing the Challenge Menu

To initiate a challenge, you need to access the challenge menu. This can be done by pausing the game and navigating through the menu options. Familiarize yourself with the layout of the challenge menu to streamline the process and save precious seconds during crucial moments of the game.

4.2 Selecting the Appropriate Challenge Type

Once you're in the challenge menu, you will be presented with different challenge types, such as catch, fumble, or sideline. Carefully select the challenge type that aligns with the play you want to challenge. Choosing the correct challenge type is crucial to presenting a strong case and increasing your chances of having the call overturned.

4.3 Presenting Your Evidence

After selecting the appropriate challenge type, you will have the opportunity to present your evidence. This usually involves selecting the specific camera angle or replay footage that supports your claim. Take your time to review the evidence and choose the most compelling footage to present. Presenting strong evidence can significantly impact the outcome of the challenge.

Section 5: Understanding the Outcome

After you've initiated a challenge, the game will determine the outcome based on the evidence presented. Understanding the possible outcomes and their implications is crucial to adjusting your gameplay accordingly.

5.1 Call Overturned

If the evidence you presented is strong and supports your claim, the call on the field may be overturned. This means that the original decision will be reversed, and you will gain an advantage or retain possession of the ball. When a call is overturned, it's essential to adjust your gameplay and take advantage of the new ruling.

5.2 Call Stands

If the evidence is inconclusive or does not clearly support your claim, the call on the field may stand. This means that the original decision will remain unchanged, and you will lose a timeout. When a call stands, it's crucial to accept the ruling and adapt your strategies accordingly to make the best of the situation.

5.3 Timeout Lost

Regardless of the outcome of your challenge, initiating a challenge will always result in the loss of a timeout. It's important to consider the impact of losing a timeout on your overall game plan and adjust accordingly. Managing your timeouts effectively throughout the game can be crucial to your success.

Section 6: Timing Your Challenges

In Madden 17, timing your challenges strategically can be a game-changer. Knowing when to challenge can give you a significant advantage and potentially swing the momentum in your favor.

6.1 Analyzing the Game Situation

Before deciding to challenge a play, analyze the overall game situation. Consider factors such as the score, time remaining, and field position. If the game is close or the play in question can have a significant impact on the outcome, it may be worth using your challenge.

6.2 Score Differentials

Score differentials can also impact your decision to challenge. If you're leading by a substantial margin, it might be more prudent to conserve your challenges for critical situations later in the game. However, if the game is close or you're trailing, challenging a play that can potentially swing the momentum in your favor becomes more important.

6.3 Remaining Challenges

Keep track of the number of challenges you have remaining. If you've already used one or both of your challenges, you need to be more selective in choosing when to challenge. Managing your challenges effectively throughout the game can give you a better chance of challenging plays that truly matter.

Section 7: Challenging Online

Challenging in online gameplay brings its own set of challenges and considerations. It's important to adapt your approach to online challenges to ensure a fair and competitive gaming experience.

7.1 Dealing with Lag and Connectivity Issues

When playing Madden 17 online, lag and connectivity issues can pose challenges when it comes to challenging a play. Delayed or inconsistent gameplay can make it difficult to gather evidence and initiate a challenge effectively. It's important to be patient and adapt to the online environment, taking into account any lag or connectivity issues that may impact the timing and accuracy of your challenges.

7.2 Communicating with Opponents

In online gameplay, it's essential to maintain good communication with your opponents. If you believe a play is challengeable, it's important to communicate your intentions respectfully. Clearly express your reasons for wanting to challenge and give your opponent an opportunity to respond. Maintaining open and respectful communication can help resolve any disputes or disagreements that may arise during the challenge process.

7.3 Respecting the Outcome

In online gameplay, it's crucial to respect the outcome of challenges, even if you don't agree with the decision. Remember that the game's mechanics and the online environment may not always be perfect, and the outcome of a challenge may not always align with your expectations. Accept the decision gracefully and continue playing the game with good sportsmanship.

Section 8: Common Challenges and Their Success Rates

In Madden 17, certain challenges are more common than others. Understanding the success rates of these challenges can help you make more informed decisions during your own games.

8.1 Catch Challenges

Challenging catches is one of the most frequent types of challenges in Madden 17. The success rate of catch challenges varies depending on the specific circumstances. Close calls near the sidelines or questionable possession of the ball have a higher chance of being overturned compared to catches where the evidence is inconclusive. Understanding the success rates of catch challenges can help you assess the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

8.2 Fumble Challenges

Fumble challenges can be tricky, as they often involve multiple factors to consider, such as the ball carrier's control and contact with defenders. The success rate of fumble challenges depends on the clarity of the evidence and the specific circumstances surrounding the play. Clear recoveries or indisputable evidence of a fumble can increase the chances of a successful challenge.

8.3 Sideline Challenges

Challenging plays near the sidelines, such as determining if a receiver's feet were in bounds, can be challenging due to the difficulty of gathering conclusive evidence. The success rate of sideline challenges varies depending on the camera angles available and the clarity of the evidence. Close calls near the sidelines have a higher chance of being overturned if there is clear evidence showing the receiver's feet in or out of bounds.

Section 9: Learning from Challenges

Challenges in Madden 17 provide valuable learning opportunities, regardless of their outcome. Analyzing your challenges and their results can help you improve your decision-making skills and overall gameplay.

9.1 Analyzing Successful Challenges

When a challenge is successful, take the time to analyze the evidence that led to the overturned call. Identify the key factors or camera angles that were crucial in supporting your challenge. By understanding what made your challenge successful, you can apply those insights to future challenges and increase your chances of success.

9.2 Evaluating Unsuccessful Challenges

Even when a challenge is unsuccessful, there is still value in evaluating the evidence and the reasoning behind your decision to challenge. Reflect on the factors that may have contributed to the unsuccessful outcome, such as inconclusive evidence or poor timing. Learning from unsuccessful challenges can help you refine your strategy and make more effective decisions in future games.

9.3 Applying Lessons to Future Gameplay

The knowledge gained from challenges can be directly applied to your future gameplay. By learning from previous challenges, you can develop a better understanding of what plays are worth challenging and how to gather evidence effectively. Continuously applying the lessons learned from challenges will enhance your decision-making skills and improve your overall performance in Madden 17.

Section 10: Advanced Challenge Techniques

For seasoned Madden 17 players looking to take their challenge game to the next level, this section explores advanced challenge techniques that can give you a significant advantage over your competition.

10.1 Challenging Multiple Aspects of a Play

Instead of challenging a single aspect of a play, consider challenging multiple aspects simultaneously. For example, if there is a questionable catch near the sideline, challenge both the receiver's possession of the ball and whether their feet were in bounds. Challenging multiple aspects increases your chances of finding one aspect that can be overturned, providing a greater advantage.

10.2 Anticipating Potential Challenges

Developing a keen sense of anticipation can give you an edge in challenging plays. Pay attention to situations where the likelihood of a challenge is high, such as crucial plays near the end zone or close calls on third down. By anticipating potential challenges, you can be more prepared to gather evidence quickly and initiate a challenge promptly, potentially catching your opponents off guard.

10.3 Analyzing Opponents' Challenges

Observing and analyzing how your opponents use their challenges can provide valuable insights. Pay attention to their tendencies and patterns when it comes to challenging plays. By understanding how your opponents approach challenges, you can adapt your gameplay accordingly and potentially exploit their weaknesses. Use their challenges as an opportunity to gain a strategic advantage.

Challenging plays in Madden 17 is an essential skill that can greatly impact your gameplay experience. By understanding the challenge system, identifying challengeworthy plays, gathering evidence, and mastering the art of timing, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to learn from challenges and apply those lessons to your future games. With this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped to become a true challenge master in Madden 17. Happy gaming!

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